In regards to your insurance and making claims when it comes to hail damage, the FIRST thing everyone needs to know that making a hail claim regardless of other claims someone has made will not make your premiums go up. Hail is an act of God and will not affect your rates. A lot of people will say “I don’t want to make a claim because what if it hails again?” Well this is a good question and understandable concern but because of how we do this process the fact that it is all a “Paintless” process of restoring the factory metal to its original position without affecting the factory paint, it actually is best to repair it every time it’s hit and not to delay. Reason being is that we never know how severe the damage may be from a hail storm. Most cases, in a customers’ eyes the first storm that hits their car is “light” damage and they think well I don’t want to get it fixed in case it hails again. The problem is if the next time it’s hit combined with the first time in many cases the panels become too severe and will need replace and painted and will devalue the car. This is why I strongly in courage a customer to get it in and fixed quickly.