A Brief History

Ben Keeler started dent scholars in 2002 after 6 years of work as a master tech with another company… Seeing where there was a need for different things as far as quality of the work and customer service I wanted to bring what I believed the customers out there deserved by building dent scholars… In those days I made most of my own tools and spent s
6 months plus training guys on the things I believed in that would set dent scholars out as a company that believed in quality of the repair process from start to finish.  This includes more than just fixing dents but dealing with the customers and educating them on the process and delivering the best quality product at the time of delivery… This is our foundation and still what I stand by for my customer to this day…  We have come a long ways over the years our company at one time has serviced 100’s of dealerships, bodyshops, and auctions in indianapolis, also made our connections world wide working in Europe and Australia.