I like to think that when someone cares about if things are done properly and to the highest standard available in PDR then its an easy decision to choose dent scholars. Many of the companies that have recently popped up in the Indianapolis, IN area are random people trying to broker the business for financial gain.

They have small bits of knowledge in regards to the overall general parts of the business but the fact of the matter is why would you ever take your car to be repaired by someone who does not personally do pdr?  They do not know the does and don’t couldn’t tell you what to or not to look for or beware of they literally will tell you what you want to here to get the money to “what they call fix your car”.

My name is Ben Keeler and I am a 16 year PDR veteran and founder of Dent Scholars.  I’ve traveled the world and believe that I personally know and am linked with the best dent technicians in the industry. There are I’m sure great guys out there I haven’t met and this is not to take from them but to separate ourselves from the ones posing to be a “dent company” with know knowledge or background in the business to justify being a company. Anyone who works with me I’ve had personal work experience and history with and we believe in the same things which is to fix your car properly.

Some of the things you don’t know is that when you take your car to your big name dealerships and or bodyshop’s , they do not do PDR, they simply sub contact the work out to any random hail chaser that will kick them back the highest percentage. There is nothing wrong with a hail chaser those of us that do hail and are good at it have to go where the storms take us. My desire is to educate the public that when it hits at home here in Indiana you are better off taking it to a company that is local and can address problems if they arise year round, again body shops just giving the work in most part to the highest bidder without any research or knowledge of what they do or even if its right or wrong because once again body shops do not do what we do.  Trust the hail and dent experts (Dent Scholars).